Traffic Ticket Point System in North Carolina

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Traffic Ticket Point System North CarolinaWhen charged with a traffic offense in North Carolina, defendants have to be concerned with two different point systems. North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and North Carolina Department of Insurance both have point systems that impact drivers in North Carolina. Out of State drivers need to be concerned with the point systems in their licensing state, but in most instances the North Carolina offenses will be referred out to the licensing state.

North Carolina DMV Points are used to determine eligibility to drive. There are a number of reasons that someone’s drivers license can be revoked, including accumulation of drivers license points. For those who have not been suspended in the recent past, it will take accumulation of twelve (12) DMV before the Division of Motor Vehicles will take action to revoked your license based on accumulation of points. Example of North Carolina offenses that carry DMV points include things like speeding offenses = 3 or 2 DMV Points, Reckless Driving = 4 DMV Points, Illegal Passing = 4 DMV Points, Failure to Reduce Speed = 2 DMV Points, Exceeding a Safe Speed = 2 DMV points, Driving While Impaired = 12 DMV points, and many others.

The North Carolina Department of Insurance also assess points for certain offenses. While there are other mechanisms that can cause someone’s insurance rates to rise, the most typical method for insurance increases is a result of accumulation of insurance points. Speeding tickets carry 4, 2 or 1 insurance points, Reckless Driving = 4 insurance points, Failure to Reduce Speed = 1 insurance point, Exceeding a safe speed = 1 insurance point, and many others.

An experienced traffic attorney can assist you in determining the DMV and Insurance Points associated with the traffic citation that you have received and what available reductions might be available based on your individual record. For a free initial consultation, call to speak with a criminal defense lawyer regarding your individual case contact Everett Law Firm, P. A. at 800-942-8048.



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